Danyang valley


Tempting Blue Water Rafting

In the Danyang where the Namhan River is wrapped around, you can not endure the temptation of watery light before your eyes. If you want to enjoy the charm of the wide and green Namhan River, rafting is highly recommended.

The Namhan River rafting has the pleasure to experience thrilling and speedy along the changing rapids, and the magnificent and beautiful natural scenery of the strangely shaped rocks along the riverside.


Danyang has various valleys centered on Sobaeksan
Sobaek Mountain The Valley of the New Bird, which is made up of a stream of deep mountain peaks, boasts scenery that looks like a landscape painting with thick, thick bushes around the valley. It is also famous for fly fishing, and many people are looking for it.

The Namcheon Valley is located in a place where the people's footsteps are a little away and maintains the cleanliness of nature. Two camping areas located at the end of the valley provide a cozy home for summer guests.
The Sadong Valley is a charming place to fascinate those who see spectacular scenery of rocks stretching along the valley at the top of the summit of Danyang. It is a regular holiday spot where summer guests come and go unforgettably every summer.