Public Facilities

Culture and Art Hall

It is located at 315 Byeolgok-ri, Danyang-eup, completed on April 15, 1986 with 740 seats that it can house major events.
The place has children's play for nursery, performance of school circle, movie showing for residents, poetry reading and others.Culture and Art Hall is a multi-purpose space for all cities and provinces under the government policies and it undertakes the most performances for now in Danyang-gun.

House of Youth Culture for Danyang and Maepo

House of Youth Culture for Danyang is the cultural space for youth and residents could freely use and it provides approximately 27 beneficial programs and it undertakes the role of birth place for regional culture to train the body by developing the creativeness and cultural requirements as well as facilitation of information through Internet. It is located at 636 Dojeon-ri, Danyang-eup and it is open for youths and general public. The culture class is operated for youths and these are undertaking the role to provide the cultural activities for youths.
House of Youth Culture for Maepo is located at 1311 Pyeongdong-ri, Maepo-eup, and it provides the space of meeting and resting for youths to freely use and it helps out to facilitate various information of rapidly changing society and diverse youth culture activities.It has the name of youth culture space, but it can be used by youths and general public. In the event of the choir for the House of Youth Culture, "Kuma", it appeared in the "Open the World of Children's Songs" held at Cheongju KBS on February 6, 2004 to show off its talents.

Water-side Stage

Various performance activities are available by having the all-weather audience seats and multi-vision as the outdoor stage of Namhan River area to encounter Yangbaek Falls (artificial).
People call it the water-side stage and this is one of the spaces that are most popularly used for residents along with Culture and Art Hall.