Food Recommendations

Out of world taste for its soup – Fresh water fish hot soup

Since Danyang has Namhan River whirling around the city with blear water that great fish, such as, Mandarin fish, cat-fish and others, for a great taste of hot spicy soup is available at all season long. In particular, Danyang has been the place for main production of Mandarin fish as it produces 37 tons of Mandarin fish from Chungju-ho, taking 40% of national production of 99 tons. Therefore, if you have not tried the fresh water hot spicy soup in Danyang, you miss out all the great taste that Danyang has to offer.
This exquisite taste of fresh water hot spicy soup without any fish smell is harmonized with the materials grown in clean nature of Danyang to come out as a great spicy hot soup and the hand-made paste makes the whole even more chewy and tasty to have a great joy of taking one spoonful of soup within the mouth.

Do you still envy the dining table of king? Wild vegetable regular meal

Nature is the most diligent farmer with generous mind in the world. It brings out all types of vegetables fruit and others in mountains and planes for each season and brings out a plenty of things for people. In particular, the wild vegetable in spring time after the long winter is even more delightful. At a time when pollution and contamination have become more serious to make food that is available for safe and nature-nurtured food to be even more precious. wild vegetable regular meal that was made with the wild vegetable grown in clean nature clear spirit of Sobaeksan is the food that is particularly loved by residents and citizens who seek for healthier food. It offers not only various vitamins, minerals and textiles, but also to have the great fun in choosing various types of wild vegetable that it is even more cleaner and tastier with the unique scent and taste in wild vegetable.

Take care of a bowl of rice in moment of time: acorn jello rice

On an autumn day, walk up to little hill behind the village to find numerous acorns fallen all around. Each time it is picked up, it reminds people of tender and bouncy acorn jello to have the mouth full of saliva. The acorn jello has been enjoyed from the old days as special snack and it has been a food enjoyed as snack or side dish today.
In particular, Danyang offers Danyang Edu-village easily available. It has the characteristics of slicing the acorn jello in small pieces to add specially made meat soup and various condiments to enjoy it with plane taste. It has soft chewing taste with fact absorption for digesting and has relatively lower calorie than the mass it takes in with small volume to feel sense of fullness. In addition, the tannin ingredient controls the fat absorption to be appropriate as diet food.

A dining table full of nutrition! Garlic Kettle Pot Rice

If there is a food with the most profound ties to Danyang, it is clearly the garlic. Garlic that grows well in the region with prolonged spring is cultivated significantly in the regions southern part of the central area. In particular, the 6-part garlic that has unique taste and scent as it grows in Danyang with clear and splendid mountain valleys is the one that has the great popularity. Furthermore, garlic is well known to have great anti-cancer effect that it is a great well-being food for health. However, even though garlic is great for health, it is a little difficult to consume the way it is.
Danyang has the Garlic Kettle Pot Rice that is available to enjoy garlic with great taste and rich taste. All types of side dishes, including the rice, are dishes made in garlic that it seems like having the root of nutrition all over our body as we make one bite at a time.