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Exquisite experience on a boat for all times in the ferry cruise

Water wave of Chungjoo-ho shining bright over the water as if the sky light has been taken away, and the splendid mountains along the water ways as if made by hands have the shadow over the water. This is the scenery with out of world imagination just by looking at it. And, a cruise ship passes by leaving the white tail behind it. The landscaping of water and mountains is so beautiful that it was called as the second Haegeumgang from the old days and Danyang has been the place for many tourists to enjoy the views on the ship. For the places where the cruise ships are available in Danyang, the most representative one is Janghoenaroo.

The cruise ship starts for its round trip to Gudam-bong, Oksun-bong and Cheongpungnaroo. As the cruise ship on the ferry begins to move slowly with people on board, the scenery around it is seemed like floating around along the water route. With the cruise ship speeding up along the water route, it unfolds the scenes of Eight Scenic Beauties at Danyang with Gudam-bong and Oksun-bong along the way and the joyful outcry is all around with the fantastic views. The ancestors who enjoyed such a great scenery and the boat riding along to sing the current trend of the time would be just that.

Seduction of blue water light in rafting

It is impossible to prevail over the seduction of water flowing before the eyes in Danyang where the Namhan River is whirling around. If you want to enjoy the attractive broad and blue Namhan River to the fullest, rafting is the best way to go.
Namhan River rafting has the drastic rapids along the ever-changing shape and flow, it offers the speed as well as the exquisite thrill for the riverside views and it adds the joy of appreciating the magnificent and splendid natural scenery as well with its weried and strange rocks and stones.

Lure Fishing to feel the sensation within the hands with the Mandarin fish-ri on the hook

The reason for many Mandarin fish fishing lovers to come to Danyang is that the Namhan River water flows rapidly between Danyang-eup and Youngchun-myeon has well advanced stone tomb in the basin to have a lot of Mandarin fish to live there and those Mandarin fish have great strength to have great thrill of catching them. In particular, the National Mandarin fish Lure Fishing Competition that began in 2007 has been undertaken around the Namhan River area in April and it gains great response from many fishing lovers all around the country. For places with well advanced water basin and stone tomb, there are Gommal (Nodong-ri), Cheondong-ri, Dodam Sambong, Hadeok-cheon, Apyeong, Yeowulmok, Gungangyo and others that these are the Mandarin fish fishing points frequently visited for fishing.

Great moment! Clay shooting

In the 17~18th century, the noble classes of Europe enjoyed the game of sending the doves into the sky and hit them with the gun.

With the time passing, they used the clay dishes rather than doves as the target and it has become the clay shooting now. Clay shooting that has been widely popular compared to other shooting that requires the moving target with more concentration for the leports.

Taking Danyang in the bosom on the sky with handing gliding & para-gliding

In the Danyang arrow plant that is located the peak of Yangbang-san with the Danyang downtown in full view, it has the hang glider and para gliders to spread the wings to take Danyang under the bright sky.Danyang has 5 arrow flying sites, flying practice sites and ULM runways. If you want to enjoy the exquisite taste of hang gliding and para-gliding, anyone from the beginning skill may earn the great sport. Yangbang Plant is attractive flying facilities to have the dynamic appearance of Danyang and the splendor of Namhan River under its route. Major scaled flying competitions including the national hang gliding & para-gliding competition for Danyang Mayor's Cup are held all year around that it has taken its position as the Mecca of aero-sports of Korea.