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Mandarin fish Lure Fishing Competition

Mandarin fish Lure Fishing Competition for the best fisherman in the river Fishing is a leisure that has profound philosophy beyond a simple act of catching fish. While placing down the fishing rod on a placid water side to wait for fish to bite, fishermen appreciate beautiful surrounding natural scenery around, think about something with spare time, and this is the time as much valuable as caching a great sized prize as fishing manias say.

Danyang also is a place where many fishing manias love to come for its beautiful landscaping and rich available fish. Furthermore, it is the place for the National Mandarin fish Lure Fishing Competition each year that all fishing loving people to be enlightened of. This competition held in Danyang-gun as the main production site of Mandarin fish has the pre-event competitions for fishing commencing event, throwing competition to throw it farthest and most accuracy and others as well as having the main events with the grade recorded for the sum of 3 Mandarin fish caught by the participants. In addition, it offers the great fun in watching the incidental events, such as, Namhangang River fish exhibition, fishing tool exhibition and others as much as catching fish.


  • End of April