Future prospect

Co-existence of clean nature and human => Resort tourism region Shining individuality of history and culture => History and culture region Guarantee of enriched quality  => Production welfare region Manifestation of potential value in the region => Specialized industrial region  Tourism specialized city, Blue Danyang Aroma 21

Goal for advancement

  • Expansion of regional growth and development through differentiated tourism development
  • Establishment of local identity through strengthening of regional cultural competency
  • Building up the production welfare environment through the improvement of the regional living environment
  • Development of regional catalyst industry through generation of potential value in new material
21st tourism specialized city, Danyang A region where it is full of vitality with the manifestation of regional individuality  A region with harmonious creation of value in nature, human and life A resort and tourism area to visit A historic and cultural area to know A production welfare area to live in A specialized industrial area to do business